Jamie Busse(non-registered)
I absolutely LOVE the photos you take. You have a natural talent and I am so glad that you pursued this and started a new career. The pictures that you have taken of my kids will be treasured by me forever....and the pictures of the rest of the family that you take will also be treasured by me forever.
Wendy Rose Raymer Alvarez(non-registered)
Wow, very nice.....close to the end of the song I had tears in my eyes seeing all the wonderful photos....it reminds me of what my Dad would tell me when he would take my photos when I was little. "This moment will never come again....so I am going to capture it now before it disappears! SNAP! All 60 years later I am editing those slides he took, remembering his words.
I am the photographer in my family....the best things that have been said to me by my family and in laws is, Thank you Wendy for taking the time to take our photos, even when we didn't want to.
Your photos will touch MANY lives....many generations...more than you can imagine now.
I wish you the best of luck!
lisa kistler(non-registered)
Love your work..Your pictures are GREAT!!!! Keep it up
Donna Zimmerman(non-registered)
Love Love Love your pictures!!!!!!!
Vicki Sturgell(non-registered)
I have to admit I got a little emotional at the pictures you posted. Awesome job! Love them all.
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